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Megan McDowell, Founder of Heartworks
Making the invisible - Visible


Meet Megan McDowell

When audiences experience Megan McDowell they exhale without realizing they have been holding their breaths. Megan then introduces them to the possibility of understanding and experiencing the invisible, supportive forces in their daily lives. These forces include faith of all kinds and are happening whether or not we even understand the idea of faith. The kindness and heroic efforts that were activated in the months following the September 11th terror attacks were the invisible becoming visible. Somewhere in between the rescue efforts and the lasagnas being delivered to Megan’s sister’s house, all of us were jolted awake by the thousands of gestures happening around us. For a limited time, we all understood life in a new way. Megan’s work focuses on keeping this awakening in the forefront of our national consciousness and teaching the healing that comes from activating this invisible connection.

Megan’s insights come from a lifetime of looking inward and noticing the ways the invisible and visible coexist. She began exploring these ideas at eight years old when she started having deep conversations with her father about the injustices in the world and ways we can make an impact. Understanding how to activate the divine in daily life led Megan to 25 years of professional experience as a therapist and nonprofit founder. The Heartworks foundation has become a sustainable movement that began in 2004 focusing on encouraging this awakened, united energy in daily life rather than only during times of mass shootings, natural disasters and times of crisis.

Megan McDowell is a sought after speaker on topics that can be personalized for community groups and corporations. Her work also includes individual and group consultations and workshops for a variety of professional organizations. Her main themes include:

  • Creating meaningful, reflective foundations and organizations
  • How finding purpose in the aftermath of 9/11 and other catastrophes holds the key to a fulfilling life
  • The lessons of receiving, gratitude and giving
  • Using our own life stories to be of service while having boundaries
  • Awakening to the new normal after natural disaster or traumatic loss
  • Living in the NOW
  • Healing our own lives through philanthropy
  • How and why to look inward as a business or organization
  • Intentional daily living
  • How to use your business, passions, hobbies to serve the world and create personal freedom and greater life purpose

“When you give Megan a microphone you unleash healing and catalyze tremendous amounts of good in the world. Her relatable, emotional stories keep any audience on the edge of their seat and her message sticks for a lifetime. Individuals, groups, corporations, auditoriums of students lucky enough to experience Megan are changed forever.”


“Every time I am with Megan she facilitates the deep change I am longing for. Every single time. Just because she is who she is. She can’t help herself and I am grateful.”


“When I speak to or listen to Megan, the clouds clear in my thinking brain and I can open myself to a new spiritual perspective I would have never thought of on my own. She offers me a new way of seeing things and reminds me that I am not alone. She has become one of the voices in my head, as I often ask myself – What would Megan say?”


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Looking forward to inspiring you, your company or your team with speaking engagements, workshop development or what manifests because of our connection… all in the spirit of “Making the Invisible – Visible”.